About Real Hair Wigs

real hair wigs

After I witness my friend lose her hair due to a rare skin disease. After this had happened we struggle to find the best wigs for her to use but got scammed or paid more for low-quality products. So we decided to create an enterprise where we can help people with similar problems without going through what we went through or losing their money. We do not mislead our clients by using images of wigs that are not in stock. The majority of photos are taken by us in our studio.

Our wigs come in a variety of colours for anyone wanting to switch up their look and try something totally colourful. We vow to help you look and feel your generally certain best self. For those of you that have been losing your hair, we comprehend that it tends to be amazingly horrible, and we are here to assist with bringing your certainty back and enable you to feel like you once more.


What are Lace Front Wigs?

Lace front wigs are the wigs that the hair is tied to the front of the lace to create a natural looking appearance. Wigs with lace front can be styled away from the face and you can pull the hair back or behind the ears

Are your wigs made from real human hair?

Yes they are, our human hair wigs are made from 100% real human hair. Also, we made our wigs from synthetic hair.

Do your wigs look like the actual photo?

We very much try to represent our wigs in the best possible way and what you see on our site is what you will be getting.

Do you have a store I can come in?

At the moment, we are available only online.

Can your wigs be worn without Glue?

Yes our wigs are glueless wigs and you don’t need to use glue if you don’t want to, the wigs come with straps, bands and combs that make them secure to wear.

Wigs are so expensive, how do I find cheaper alternatives?

Yes, wigs can be expensive especially real human hair wigs but they are worth the investment. Real human hair wigs can last for up to 1-2 years if maintained well. RHHW offers a line of premium and cheaper options of synthetic wigs which are top-notch quality and cheaper although the life span on this isn’t very long.